GRENOUER Release 9th Album 2019-03-01
  New GRENOUER album Ambition 999 is out now. Released by Sleaszy Rider Records on CD and digitally worldwide.

1. Burnt to the Ground
2. Nevermind Tomorrow
3. One Day
4. Infinite Grace
5. Medicine treats No Lies
6. Cure for the Lonely
7. Uncommon Faith
8. Back on Track
9. Universe of My Heaven
10. Crimson Lines
11. Chase the Sun
12. Ingenious Care
13. Dangerous Girls
14. Paranormal Star
15. Alone in the Dark

Mixed by Giuseppe 'Dualized' Bassi.
Artwork by Jobert Mello (Sledgehammer Graphix) and Zimon (New Breed Graphic Studio).
10th Anniversary Edition 2018-12-08
  Another great re-release! GRENOUER Lifelong Days: 10th Anniversary Edition. Digipak CD with recreated artwork, two previously unreleased tracks and new mastering. Order here:
Deluxe Editiions 2018-03-27
  Truly amazing and important news! Both latest GRENOUER's albums - Blood on the Face and Unwanted Today - are released by the leading Russian metal record label Mazzar Records. Both are qualified as deluxe CD editions. Absolutely new mixing and mastering delivered by Giuseppe Bassi aka 'Dualized'. Notional misanthropic artwork provided by W.Smerdulak. Tracklists include bonus tracks. Colorful 6 panel digipaks for a reasonable price available at
GRENOUER Release 8th Album 2015-03-20
  GRENOUER release UNWANTED TODAY, weighty follow up to 2013 album BLOOD ON THE FACE. UNWANTED TODAY is out now through Mausoleum Records worldwide.

1. Awake
2. Unwanted Today
3. A Little Too Obsessed
4. Something Really Bad
5. On A Rainy Day
6. Blossoms In The Dust
7. I Can't Stand It
8. Daily Miracles
9. Going To Stay
10. Point Of No Return
11. Artificial Tears
12. Don't Let Them (Get You Down)
13. Clearway

Produced by Dualized for dysFUNCTION Productions.
GRENOUER YouTube Channel 2015-01-20
  Don't fail to check new GRENOUER's music videos, there are plenty of them on official YouTube Channel
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