These guys are so unique, the new sound has a perfect balance between melody and aggression, besides their videos have a great production leading you to the main message.
Adrian Quintana, Hats Off To Rock And Roll
If so far the band had struggled to find a specific thread of the new musical course, with this album the proposal finally finds a meaning, giving us an alternative metal album ready to take on considerable portions of the public. A modern album, consistent and well done. Fans of the latest sounds and a certain way of doing metal will find bread for their teeth. 7/10
Alessandro Quero,
We evidently have some very talented people working simultaneously to produce a really luxurious, pleasant piece of work.
Jordan Mooney, Cat on the Wall
All in all, "Blood on the Face" is a good album from a fantastic band, and is an accessible release that caters to both those who like it heavy and those that like it a bit more melodic – great stuff! 8/10
Natalie Humphries, Soundscape
Great vocal hooks and heavy sections within the songs get you into their music real quick. A recommended artist for you to discover this year.
Lord Malignus, Evolution Rock
Grenouer are the rare heavy group that play in service of the groove, and it's a thick groove indeed. They make a case for creativity in alternative metal.
James Moore, Independent Music Promotions
If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you definitely should. Grenouer’s music is the only cure for brain fever! 8/10
Dirty Ryan, Outside the Dial
Melodic modern metal with parts of alternative, great tunes, riffs and hooks, that we know from bands like Linkin Park or P.O.D., only better and with less keyboards and samples. 4/5
Thorsten Jünemann, Metal Underground Austria
"Blood on the Face" is a nice listener, prize songs are the title track and "Brain Fever'" which has almost Paradise Lost-like passages. 70/100
Ed Knegtel, Lords of Metal
High quality melodic vocal lines resemble Devin Tonwsend and prog-metal in general, while guitar performance contains radical riffs in vein of Meshuggah. That sounds overall very melodic and straightforward, as well as dense and thick. 8,5/10
Lukas Hendrik, Rock Hard
This should be the album to bring Grenouer the recognition long deserved. "Blood on the Face" is an outstanding album full of refreshing invention, time for the world to wake up to the band. 9/10
RingMaster, The RingMaster Review
Grenouer is a mature band with clear ideas. Excellent musicians have made of "Blood on the Face" one of the best modern rock album of 2013, with power and elegance. This album is appreciated, melodic and well structured in its entirety, recommended! 7/10
Ivan Gaudenzi, Metal Maniac Magazine