GRENOUER YouTube Channel 2015-01-20
  Don't fail to check new GRENOUER's music videos, there are plenty of them on official YouTube Channel
  It's been a year since the album Blood on the Face was released. This means the end of the active phase of promo campaign of that album as well as the beginning of the new album. This time GRENOUER is going to be pretty fast pressing Record button already this summer.
PPM FEST 2014 2014-04-20
  GRENOUER took part at PPM Fest, gorgeous 3-day festival in Belgium, performing on April, 19 at Stage Omega. That was a marvelous, brilliantly organized event with famous and talented bands and responsive crowd!
NO WAR! 2014-03-05
  GreNoWar - GRENOUER are saying NO to WAR!!!
  Single [EcoDelay vs. GRENOUER]: Alien Landscapes (Brain Fever Remix)
Release Date: January 9, 2014
UPC: 5055486935914
Available worldwide through leading digital services.
A dance/house version of Brain Fever by EcoDelay, Finnish artist who has worked on music productions with various bands, producers and companies (ASKANI (UK), UNICEF LONDON (UK), AARON-CARL (US), MICHELLE WEEKS (US), JENS GAD (ENIGMA, ACHILLEA), VIA GRA / NU VIRGOS (Rus), TORSTEN STENZEL (York, DJ Sakin & Friends), FELIKSS KIGELIS (LV), LAURENT & LEWIS (NL), HIM (FI), SKANSKA (FI) and ANSSI KIPPO (FI), to name a few).
Atwork by Italian photographer and designer Matteo Gelatti.
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